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My name is Kety Bagwalla and I am an Artist, primarily a Silk Artist.  My love for painting on silk is still the same if not more, as it was the first time my brush touched the silk more than a couple of decades ago.

It is sheer magic to see the dyes travel over the silk as if they have a mind of their own. To see the result of your creation is an experience in itself, sometimes surprising, as it is not always what you set out to paint with an image in your mind.  It is indeed Poetry in Motion.

I welcome you all to visit my website and hope you will enjoy my creations, which I assure you will not always be on silk.   Your comments and feedback are most welcome as support from family, friends and well wishers count a lot towards the success of an artist.

I hope to share my experiences through my Blog….. what I am planning, what I am upto and what new ideas going around in my head will be translated on silk.  I sometimes dive into different art forms, as I am fascinated with all forms of art but I will keep you informed about what my mind says at the time I am writing the blog.  Do feel free to message me, write to me or then leave a comment for me.  I will  deem it an honour.

I am aware that it is not possible to display multiple images of any product on a website.  If, therefore, you are interested in any of my creations and would like to see it from different angles before purchasing it, do please feel free to reach out to me either by a DM, or an email or through the contact form and I will be more than happy to share more images of any product that may be of interest to you.