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Poetry on Silk


“Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life” – Picasso

Canadian Silk Artist, Kety Bagwalla, offers for sale original silk paintings, silk scarves, greeting cards on silk, silk cushion covers, silk wearables and some more, each piece individually hand painted, making them one-of-a-kind.

During my 7 years stint working in the Middle East as an Executive Assistant, I came across the Dubai International College of Arts. I am passionate about any form of art and eagerly went through the various courses offered. I was intrigued by a course in Silk Painting. A pleasant surprise followed when I saw the name of the instructor, who I happened to know. She was gracious enough to invite me to her home and guided me through the basics of silk painting for a few days. Deeply inspired by my instructor’s exquisite paintings on silk, there was no turning back for me – I was totally and completely hooked on this form of art and enrolled in the Silk Painting course.

As the colors move and flow gently across a blank piece of silk, they take form to create brilliance on silk and it is magic to watch your painting come alive: truly a poetry in motion.

Initially, holding a full time job, this was only a hobby and a form of relaxation. Even when I immigrated to Canada in 1997, I was still passionate about this art form and though it continued to be my hobby, my initial thoughts were….”will I have everything related to silk painting available in Toronto”. Since then I got an opportunity to display my work at galleries and took part in various juried shows and I became very serious about my work, even winning my first ever Award at a juried show, when one of my paintings was nominated to receive a First Place Award in the Mixed Media/Alternate media.

My creations embody my spirit and the rich cultures I have absorbed from my travels around the world. I have worked with this exquisite art form ever since, become a member of Silk Painters International (S.P.I.N.), taken several workshops in New Mexico, Southampton and Port Angeles and conducted several workshops myself.

I love to experiment with different mediums and have also created a few pen and ink paintings along with the traditional silk forms. All my artwork can be viewed on my website

For those who have graciously visited my site, I’d like to leave you with one thought….

”Poetry surrounds us everywhere, but putting it on paper is, alas, not as easy as looking at it”. – Vincent Van Gogh






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